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December 9, 2012
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Card Captor Sakura: Seijou High School Ensemble by wishluv Card Captor Sakura: Seijou High School Ensemble by wishluv
The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura - Seijou High School Group
Prompt 71 of the 100 Themes Challenge: The True You of the New Trials of CCS Fan Project page: [link]

I have always wanted to draw the whole group in their high school uniforms, so I am very pleased to have finally completed a group picture. I think this is the most characters I've drawn at one go. And it's one of the really rare cases that I like how all the guys turned out better than the girls. I usually prefer drawing girls. I've gotten a lot of requests to draw a group picture of all the guys of the New Trials of CCS, following the picture of the girls. [link]

But I sketched the boys' version of the picture but have been to lazy to finish it, because I really enjoy drawing girl's fashion so much more, so I'm glad I got to draw this one. Each character wears the Seijou uniforms differently. I'll say Sakura out of the girls and Eriol out of the boys are wearing their uniforms most properly.

I really like how Syaoran turned out in this picture--which almost never happens because I find him hard to draw, but he looks preppy and slightly annoyed here. And it's the first proper color debut of Li Jinyu, Syaoran's cousin and the Black Dragon though I did draw a rough color sketch before. No, I don't know what Kai did with his blazer and necktie. I really wanted to draw Tanaka Miho, and then the cast would have been complete, but she's still in middle school, unfortunately. She's probably feeling really left out--I would have drawn her with Aki, but that would have thrown off the balance of the picture. Do download for full view because this is a pretty huge picture.

Please check out my fanfiction The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura since 1999 here: [link] which currently follows the CCS crew in high school.

You can find the latest updates at my blog: [link]

Anyhow, who's your favorite bishounen or bishoujo? Favorite pair?
How would you wear your Seijou High uniform?

Happy Holidays 2012!!!
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Khayez14 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
I love the illustration!!! Yatta!!!
Mesaku18 Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
All of them look sooo cool even it's just their uniform...

It look nice and cool...

OneFive1 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
THIS IS AMAZING. I love hope you captured their personalities through their uniforms. And your teenage/adult depiction of Syaoran is so perfect <3<3
DariusZeth Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
it's been a while since I saw something like this, still love the series, and looking forward to continue reading till the end ^_^
blossomxdexter Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Wish-chan I really love this one *fangirl scream*.

Eriol looks emotionless here XD.
Tomoyo as always wants clothes to be cute :)by the way she looks she is happy she is beside Eriol *moe mode*.
Kai as always doesn't follow school rules in uniforms XDD but I wonder how he looks in the uniform though :-D.
Meilin is really fierce looking in this one. I guess she just like that especially she's beside Kai Xp.
Syaoran *another fangirl scream* is really handsome as always XD. But the way he is looking he is still cautious with Eron (jealous much Little Wolf XD).
Sakura so kawaii but she looks a lot younger here but still loves her ^^.
Eron looks elegant and dashing here especially he's holding a red rose ;). By the way is he wearing the ribbon that Sakura gave to him last time? :3
I like Erika in this pic. She looks cute and mature at the same time XD. Love the way her hair turned out ^^
Jinyu looks really cool here as well. He really looks like a guy who doesn't interact at all XD.
Kara is really pretty. I always like her look (similar to Kai who likes badass look XD). Also wonder who she will end up it :3.

I saw the previous comments so I kinda am a good girl in school so I may wear my uniform just like Sakura but deep inside I wanna alter it just like Tomoyo XD.

Fave bishojou is Sakura :D next would probably Tomoyo and Erika
Fave bishonen is like any other CCS fan is Syaoran-kun *fangirl scream* :3
KireiBlossom Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
OMG.. how did I miss this? And I'm seeing it for the first time *now*??? Shame on me! ;_; Oh my goodness, this is BEAUTIFUL! I looove it so much.

This is just so amazing, and it reminds me of the chibi gang group you did of them all in middle school - except those were all chibis, and here they grew up so much. Let me see.... here are my individual comments for each one:

Eriol: straight as a stick. Lol. That's all I could think of. But just his general aura looks so much like Yukito-san. And is he really Clow Reed reincarnate? He looks like one gust of wind will blow him away.

Tomoyo: I think I like her the best out of the girls here. Especially her uniform which is so casual and laid back with the untucked shirt, sweater, different and really pretty necktie and the matching bow and shoes. (I think I will never like mens' ties on girls).

Kai: Lol.. reminds me of that line from Arc 3 where the teacher yells at Kai: "I wouldn't call draping the white shirt on wearing the school uniform!"

Meilin looks most normal, I guess. Though she could've looked happier at getting her picture taken. But Kai must've been annoying her as usual.

Syaoran: *tries not to squeal* I don't think I'll ever grow out of fangirling him. But I love his look - he looks like he was caught unawares and is fiddling with his tie out of nervousness. But I love the look in his eyes - its so alive!

Sakura: Why are you so tiny? I mean look, she doesn't even reach Syaoran's shoulder? Really? What happened here? I mean.. she looks like his baby sister. Hohoho...

Eron is looking a bit older than his previous drawings, though kind of gaunt. But Erika is blushing, first time, which makes her look kind of cute! Jinyu.. no comment. I can't believe he looks so much more tame and docile than Kai who just looks generally renegade. And Kara's hair is soooo pretty, though her fashion sense is too flaunty.

Overally, this is awesome! I like the shadows - did you actually draw them or is there some sort of feature/tool that makes them just appear like that? See how ignorant I sound... I should stop talking now, lol.
wishluv Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Teehee.. Leave it to Kirei-chan to point out the exact quote about Kai's uniform. Meilin's mad because Kara was originally standing next to Kai in the pic but because Meilin through a fuss, Kara got delegated to the opposite end.

Ah, glad the shadows are popular... It took some fiddling around in photoshop etc. to get them that way. But if there is a tool to make shadows just appear voila, then I would like to know that too, if anyone knows.
cheriblossomluv Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
haha i love how meiling looks like she saying "i can only please one person per day and today is definitely not yours"
really looking forward to your next update :)
happy holidays!
dreamystarskye Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
You did an amazing job Wish-chan! I really like them all, but especially Syaoran because it was a real struggle to get his hair right when I tried to draw him :/ I love how the girls' hair flounces off slightly at the end. Overall, wonderful job!
wishluv Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
I do agree Syaoran's hair is a pain to draw. >.< And I do prefer his hair in CCS over TRC, where it's more shounen-y.
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